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Google would have millionaire incomes thanks to the Pixel

For a long time Google has experimented with his Nexus and now seems to have given him a nail with the Pixel. The corporate financial, Morgan Stanley estimates that Pixel would generate revenues of two billion dollars before closing the 2016 and almost four billion additional during 2017.

Morgan Stanley is based on the estimated sales of the Pixel, which is between 5 and 6 million telephones. The analysis not only considers the profit margin of the Pixel, which is located between 22% and 25%, but the importance of having a good software – Android Nougat – and benefits that will open you the door to the future, as Daydream VR.

Pixel would not be as profitable as the iPhone, the Apple Phone profit margin is 41%, although Morgan Stanley sees the Pixel a chance other than monetizing through services such as Android Pay, that would make the average Android user to spend more money and reach the level of their counterparts in iOS.

Matter what the outcome, there is no doubt that Google has created one of the best phones. Now just hope to be officially announced his departure in Latin America.

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