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HTC is not manufacturing a clock Android Wear


These days ago came a rumor that showed an image that was related to a possible launch of the first manufactured by the Taiwanese company HTC smartwatch. It was not the first time that we’ve heard any news about this possibility, this manufacturer is of the few that still has not dared to prepare one for the market.

You had to be an Executive of HTC which has had to come to the fore to deny all related news with the manufacture of a smartwatch Android, by pulling down the news that appeared in that possibly would be a HTC smartwatch in conjunction with Under Armour.

HTC has left well said that they will not have clockwork Android, at least momentarily. So we can leave for settled this whole subject on the first smart watch manufactured by the Taiwanese for a good company, unless it appears another news of those who want to have their impact, whether true or not.

The filtered image which stated that it was an Under Armour watch, or at least one partnership with HTC, was a prototype of a little old and nothing in what the company would be working. Unknown the intentionality of the emergence of that image, so we will leave a minimum band of doubt that HTC could be playing a little bit that we are, after all, talking about a possible intelligent clock.

The interview given to the Executive of HTC, funny thing is that it keeps that now Android Wear is not a commercial success, making some brands spend autumn put your hands in the dough and invest money that surely will be pulled, unless version 2.0 get to increase the interest in this type of wearables.

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