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Huawei MateDock is the ultimate accessory for your do MacBook?


The USB-C fashion is beginning to invade our devices. While it is a type of connection for mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets of similar size, we’re finding manufacturers who want to hurry to the maximum its countless utilities. So, we found a significant number of laptops that are beginning to be released with this type of connection. One of them is the Huawei MateBook, however, which leads to the end this fashion is Apple, which includes a single port USB-C on your MacBook. Today we present you the most cheap and efficient solution to all your problems of connection USB-C, the Huawei MateDock.

This new port connections is able to make you the most imaginable to a single USB-C connection, since thanks to him we can connect two ports USB 3.0, a VGA, an HDMI, another USB-C more and an Ethernet port. It is said soon, but it’s amazing that we can have access to all these things with a single port. The only thing missing from the dock of Huawei is a SD card reader, however, as it has two USB 3.0 ports, you can include any card reader USB connection you have at home.

In addition, this Huawei multiport dock is built in aluminium adonizado with white plastic, with a very careful design, and also sampling pretty Apple designs. While it is true that perhaps the idea is to use it in a Huawei MateBook, but the good thing about the USB-C and its standardization it is precisely this. In the case of the MacBook Pro for example, abused two Thunderbolt ports that are not really standardized and its docks cost enough money, we believe that this Huawei MateDock is the perfect idea. Costara €89 and reach the European market in the next few weeks, although seems to be available in the United States.

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