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Huawei P10 was launched in Chile and they told us why it is better than the S8 and the G6

The P10 Huawei was today officially launched in Chile. Within a swanky event that counted with the collaboration of Vogue and the figure of the world football Alexis Sánchez, who by the way is the brand Ambassador, we interfere a little more within the intentions of the brand on the continent.

Already shown that the official price of the equipment is $499.990 in prepaid and is available now in various operators and their official store. In addition, you can go to read our Lab W of the team so you know how we went with it after its global launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Talk to David Moheno, director of public relations for Latin America of Huawei, who lent us a little of your time.

What are the challenges of Huawei to compete in the high end in Latin America…

High range in the latino market has a reason to be very important, notably Chile, which is more sophisticated a lot, where you are looking for teams that are at their height, then for Huawei has been a challenge and part of the motivation to make practical innovation. We want to become a very local, nearest brand and part of this is making alliances with local figures as Alexis Sánchez and bring service and equipment as soon as possible. Less than 30 days ago announced globally in Barcelona and today is now available in Chile. We have been a week with pre-sales of the device. We want that the latino market live first hand all innovation and all Huawei technology, in this case, in its premium ranges.

In Latin America they are well-positioned, but for example today was the presentation of the new Samsung, at Mobile World Congress competed with LG, how are we going to do to break the United States market? I say, given the prejudices that are the products of Chinese origin…

In all countries we are doing the same strategy be a warmer, more direct brand, more local, have an approximation one by one with the consumer, have VIP service… these small values aggregates, which may sound like little at first, but a time that you need them become truly a lifesaver, so we are very aware that the global user not only in Latin America, not you can become detached already from your smartphone, then we must enable our technologies and services to meet the user.

The cell phone is the hub of your life, and thanks to our technology, we can assure that it will maintain fast with the passage of time, up to 18 months, that respects the investment, because we know that for the Latin American investing on a smartphone is a considerable expense. We want to honor that investment. That is the heart, that is the core of what is Huawei worldwide.

People would prefer a P10 above a Galaxy S8, a LG G6 or the latest iPhone…

It’s definitely the balance, many devices come with some gimmick or key feature that makes them notable, but otherwise have certain shortcomings, in the case of the P10 is the opposite. Its three pillars are the camera, design, and finally, all technology (the rest) is a representative of Huawei, have over three decades of experience in the world of connectivity, connect to a third of the world’s population with our telecommunications business, then why not bring these values to our devices.

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