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Huawei unable to position itself in United States

Huawei is ad portas launched its last ship logo, Matt 9, in the United States, and the challenge in order to win the confidence of consumers in North America is not minor.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the manager of the company in that country has declared that the low recognition of the brand and the “stigma”, in a way, being a Chinese company does not help nothing to conquer this market and that despite doing well do not know how to overcome this obstacle. The perception in the United States about Chinese teams is to be a product that does not deliver security.

Still not there is a price or date exact of launch of the matte 9 but is knows that will be between halves of December and end of January as stop. Currently the company has a 0.4% of total users in United States. Very little compared to 23% of Samsung and 39% of Apple.

Elsewhere, as in our region, the brand has been able to position itself mainly by its quality/price ratio and the fact that Chinese are is not a so decisive factor in these latitudes.

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