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Hugo Barra Announces joining Facebook for being responsible for Oculus


Monday 23 January we knew the news that Hugo Barra ceased to be Vice President of Xiaomi, to return with his family to the United States. Through a message on Twitter, we knew that it would remain a consultant of the Chinese manufacturer, but that it would soon undertake new projects, although according to his words seemed not to be immediately.

The thing has been very different and is in the last hour own rod, until not long ago a visible Xiaomi heads, and makes more time one of big makers of Android, he announced that joined Facebook as Vice President responsible for Oculus and virtual reality.

Mark Zuckerberg has also confirmed the news through Facebook, with a message that is accompanied by an image of the most curious and fun, and you can see Headlining this article. Hugo Barra will replace Brendan Iribe who left the position of CEO of Oculus not long ago in this way.

Joining Facebook as VP of virtual reality (VPVR!) to lead Team @Oculus. So excited! Mark posted about it here:

-Hugo Barra (@hbarra) January 26, 2017

There was little doubt that after the departure of Hugo Barra of Xiaomi would end up in one of the most leading companies in the world of technology, but few could imagine that it would stop enb Facebook, besides being responsible for virtual reality. Without a doubt lto bet the social network and Mark Zuckerberg by the Oculus project is decided and we fear that it will soon give amazing results with someone such as former leader Google and Xiaomi to head.

How about the tab’s Hugo Barra by the social networking site Facebook after his departure from Xiaomi?.

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