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In Japan they already work on what will be the most powerful supercomputer in the world


For a few months, we have seen how the list of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet has changed enough, so as to more powerful machines are no longer located in United States, but has been China that has managed to occupy the first thanks to the development and construction of monsters such as Sunway TaihuLight, the today considered as the supercomputer more powerful and faster in the world.

Now, just after learning months ago that they would work to create a machine capable of win first place in United States, reached the Japanese initiative where, as has been said since the Ministry of economy and industry in the country, Japan will invest $ 173 million dollars in the development of a new supercomputer with a main objective be able to research platform give a great boost to the development of technologies like this in autonomous vehicles, medicine or artificial intelligence.

Japan will invest $ 173 million in the development of a new supercomputer that is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

As insurance will be thinking, this not only investment is aimed at helping in the development of certain technologies that are considered by Governments as indispensable in a not too-distant future, hence that fight by that their companies should be considered as reference points, but that they will take advantage of this new supercomputer is considered, at the same time, as the most powerful and fast on the planet.

Putting this in perspective, noting that the two most powerful supercomputers created so far and the Sunway TaihuLight and Titan Gray XK7, they have a power of 93.1 petaflops and 17.59 petaflops respectively. On the machine in which today is working in Japan, baptized as AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure, you want to reach the 130 petaflops.

More information: Reuters

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