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In this game you can play with WhatsApp black

Is possible that any that use WhatsApp of way constant has suffered-not in that sense-with the famous black of the WhatsApp, the character that that made them delights and the horrors of the people thanks to the size of his Member virile.

The man in question has transcended beyond being a picture of the social network and now has semi-estelar in a video game. Hard Hat Challenge (developed by the Argentine study Artik Games) is a game of physical where we must try the town’s construction to describe a perfect curve before landing in the skull of the character and has much science in reality, but among the cast of characters to choose is you know who: WhatsApp black.

Negro 01

The version extended-again, not in that sense-of Hard Hat Challenge is available only on Android. There is also the game in iOS but users of this platform are too sophisticated and perhaps feel long – not in that sense – offended by the joke.

Negro 02

Hard Hat Challenge (Play Store)

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