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Instagram Live Stories comes to Mexico

During them last months the people of Instagram is has meticulous in strengthen his platform, integrating new and attractive functions to inject you life to a platform that each time looked more ossified. Now, its last novelty: Instagram Live Stories, that allows the transmission of video in live, is located to the end available in Mexico.

Through a press release distributed to media, the company unveiled the release of the service of Instagram Live Stories in Mexico, suggesting a phased, progressive movement since 24 hours earlier he had published on his official blog this new global enabling:

Since announced LIVE in November, have seen how can connect to them people with their friends and communities at the time, of a form fun and without pressure.

To use the new Instagram Live Stories, it is necessary to have installed at least version 10.0 of the app, and entering the House of Stories, where it appears the option to switch to Live mode, which allows the live streaming of the captured video.

A point interesting is that the video in vivo of Instagram will be available only while is perform the transmission, and will disappear as soon as is end the streaming. Respecting the ephemeral sense of Stories.

It will be issue to see how accept it users.

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