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Internet Archive announces that it moves to Canada

Internet Archive

It Internet Archive, for which we do not know this organization is a digital library where are stored copies of virtually all websites, e-books and even ads online, has just announced its decision to make a backup of your entire system, we speak of practically all internet, and take it to new facilities located in Canada until Donald Trump is officially installed in the White House.

Without a doubt we are talking about an institution that looks like the fear of the aggressive changes that promises to make the administration of Donald Trump, until finally they carried or not held, has decided to leave the United States and settling in a new country where can continue working on something that, at least on this occasion, is of tremendous utility for all users of the network of networks.

Internet Archive, to fear the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House, has decided to move its headquarters to Canada.

As they have been reported from Internet Archive:

November 9 in United States we woke up with a new administration promising radical changes. It was a firm reminder that institutions like us, built long term, must be designed to change. For us, this means maintaining our cultural materials safe, private, and perpetually accessible. It means to prepare for a new website that could have further restrictions. We live in a world where government surveillance will not go, in fact seems to increase.

In the statement released by the leaders of Internet Archive, at the same time confirming that they will begin the tasks to perform the backup of all your files, ask for the collaboration of all the people who can do some kind of donation to help the transfer of all teams, a step that will, as sure you’re thinking, quite expensive.

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