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iPhone 8 would begin production until September because of fingerprint reader

During the last few weeks have been various rumors bold around the iPhone 8, where everyone seems to point to one thing in common: Apple inside are working to rush to integrate innovations attractive to a smartphone that will most likely be very expensive. A lot.

However, the jump to finally use screens OLED could cost Apple development time, as that has now emerged a new rumor, courtesy of DigiTimes, which ensures that this new type of glass would force to develop a new kind of fingerprint reader, so 8 iPhone production could not start until already entered in September 2017.

The challenge here would be the complete absence of a physical home button on a display with this type of technology, so Apple would use an algorithm from AuthenTec, the company specialized in this field that bought in 2012, and would combine it with a technology of fingerprint identification on glass created by the company Privaris, with TSMC by the entire Assembly of the components.

Under this scenario, where the production would begin in September 2017, then iPhone 8 necessarily would have to be released for sale until November of the same year.

Just in time for Christmas, but never before would have happened that with Apple smartphones.

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