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It has Twitter’s Sony Music killed to Britney Spears, after having been hacked

He last 25 of December, them lovers of the music us lay down with the sad news of the death of George Michael, one of them large of them 80 and 90 that in them last years them problems with the drug you had last invoice. Yesterday December 26, Sony Music Twitter account was hacked again, and for a few hours, they lost control of the same allowing hackers to publish several tweets that announced that the singer Britney Spears had died in an accident, without specifying more details and surely that would provide more information in the following tweets. Again OurMine seems to be the hacker that has State behind this theft of account.

OurMine, hacker who seems to spend free time accessing accounts of famous social networks, also hacked into the account of Bob Dylan last Monday. When news of the supposed death of singer Britney Spears began to circulate online, CNN confirmed officially that the news was false, since one of their representatives contacted with the news channel to deny it. Sony, for its part, not has made no comment to the respect, only published a tweet confirming that already had recovered it has of Twitter.

But this has not been the case of a famous character who over the years has seen its identity on Twitter had been stolen. One of those cases more recent, and that sadly dan rather than think, is it of the founder and current maximum responsible of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, which rest importance to the made, since quickly returned to recover the control on his has. Other famous people who have been the target of OurMine are the founder of Wikipedia or currently charge of Google Sundar Pichai.

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