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Italy banned über nationwide

Uber has not been without controversy since its launch, being banned and reaceptado in different parts of the world, thanks to the lack of legislation in matters of transport by a good fraction of the planet. Today a new country is added to this list, Italy, since Congress decided to veto the application in order to benefit the Guild established taxi drivers.

Accusations by these drivers are due to the use of a program for mobile would cause unfair competition for these drivers, reason why is ruled a law banning their operation in the whole country, including all its services and implements graphics or advertising. In short, über cannot exist there in any form.

This fact, set The Next Web, Crown a week of terrible for the company, since one of the employees of the brand accused über would be using software to charge more to customers, while a judge accused the company of obfuscating an investigation that today is against, because Anthony Levandowski, founder of Otto (today part of Uber) , would have been downloaded close to 9.7 GB of confidential information of Waymo, his former employment, before founding his own startup in the field vehicular automated.

Although Italy had forbidden the total performance of the application in the country, über expected the obvious possibility of appeal to the decision and continue working on European soil.

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