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Meet Superscreen, the tablet that is based on your phone

Every time we look at projects of crowdfunding, but long ago that one not impressed us so much.

It’s Superscreen, a sort of tablet instead of hardware can be intense, used enough to make mirror of your phone and nothing more.

Under the slogan of “the capabilities of an iPad from USD $600 on a device of USD $99”, its creators claim that this is the best solution to the intrigue of whether to invest or not in a tablet.

This tablet 10.1 inch is responsible for receiving the wireless signal from your phone via a technology patented by them and becoming a sort of “remote control” giant, given which, in theory, you’d be dealing with a stretched your Smartphone version. No cloud, updates or mobile plans. It’s your phone, but big.

Its resolution 1560 x 1600 is, we would be talking about 2 k. nothing evil, but it would have to try it to see how much is lost in transmission. According to them almost anything, but seeing is believing.


It is noteworthy that it works both with iOS as with Android, and by agreement the inventors is compatible with 97% of the phones on the market.

If you want to take the risk of everything means supporting a project of this kind, can still get with drives of different sizes through his website Kickstarter.

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