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Microsoft leaves of sell the Surface 3


Three years has cost Microsoft realize that the range Surface RT, 2, and 3 was doomed to die even before its release. The limitations of your hardware, that not allowed enjoy of a version full of Windows, in any of their modalities, and developing this device in a simple tablet without claims and logically without applications, what limited much its sale. Finally and after seeing as Microsoft did not release the 4 Surface while he presented the Surface Pro 4, the boys from Redmond have begun to remove the Surface 3 of you have the company’s online.

In early November, the Surface 3 was out of stock in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany… but not has been so far when the company has decided to remove it completely from your online catalog. At the Conference last week where he announced the financial result of the company last quarter, Microsoft announced that the Surface 3 had its days numbered and that it would only focus on the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. The strategy of Microsoft’s face to the future not passes right now by the market of the tablets, as confirms this movement.

3 Surface, like the rest of Microsoft Surface, without the surname Pro, Surafce RT and Surface 2 models, made use of ARM processors and were managed by Windows RT and RT 8.1 Windows respectively. The 3 Surface, however, was the first step to using an Intel Atom processor, allowing you to run a very limited version of Windows, which not allowed to use the appliance as a real substitute for a laptop if necessary. Of time seems that Microsoft not has thought back to launch device Surface without the Pro, but all seems to indicate that this range has last to better life.

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