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Microsoft Office 365 is updated to stopping spear phishing attacks

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has just received an important security update where your developers have attempted to avoid at the end that spear phishing attacks to receive using this platform. For those who do not know how this technique works, commenting that what hackers do is send documents with links in your interior. These links are then used to steal credentials and even to install malicious software on remote control.

Although it may seem a very simple method to be truly effective, the truth is that it is not, so that Microsoft has had to take on the issue and update the entire platform of Microsoft Office 365. As detail, let know you that the solution to this problem was already implemented and available to all users assigned to the advanced protection of the company program, now the novelty is that, finally, it is now available for all.

Microsoft Office 365 is updated to avoid spear phishing attacks.

The solution to the problem has been that Microsoft Office 365 will perform a check of reputation by analyzing each of the URLs present in the documents now looking for any kind of malicious behavior. When the system goes into operation, users will see a window with a notice indicating that a link is being scanned. If this link is fraudulent, a window will open with a red background that advises that we are before a malicious website.

At the same time, as system administrator, you can establish policies SafeLink to control which user accessed the link. Without a doubt, a new movement of Microsoft seeking to offer suites much safer for all users. We hope that thanks to this new security update for Microsoft Office 365 spear phishing attacks is to eradicate, at least on this platform.

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