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Motorola is back now also new logo


Motorola is or rather was one of the companies with greater weight within the mobile market. Some time ago Lenovo decided to buy it and absorb it by passing it to history. However the decision to brand new terminals with the slogan “Motorcycle by Lenovo” seems that it is history and Motorola is back, premiering in addition a new logo, with the idea of recovering lost time and its position in the market.

It was in the year 2016 when Lenovo decided to fully absorb the company, after keeping it alive and independently from the year 2014, which was the year in which it was purchased at Google who managed to return to the front page. Now it seems that the time of returning to the past and Undo decisions taken has come.

At the moment little is known about the return of Motorola to the market, although it has been confirmed that they released a new logo, more fresh and that serve to make it clear that the legendary Motorola is back, and that in addition the return will involve, as it could not be otherwise, the launch of new mobile devices to the market.

Rumors at the moment suggest that we could see an Motorola Moto X and Motorola Moto Z, but in addition we could soon start to see how the G bike begins to take advantage of this new situation.

Lenovo made a clear mistake “killing” the Motorola brand, but seems that it has managed to amend his mistake in time and there is nothing that you sell more terminals in the market to have a legendary company back.

Do you think you hit Lenovo recovering the Motorola brand and giving it a new logo and significance in the market?.

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