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Netflix officially introduces its offline mode

After having been mentioned makes a couple of weeks back, Netflix officially has released today of way global its expected functionality offline, which you will allow download their content and see them in your device mobile, without import if have connection to Wi-Fi or data of some plan.

The good new was commented by Eddy Wu, Director of innovation of products in Netflix, who mentioned that the new ability of it platform already is available and without charge additional for their consumers, “Although many of our members enjoy of see Netflix in house, know that there are times that want to continue them marathons of Stranger Things in the aircraft or in others places where the connection to Internet is limited.” That was before. “Now only have that do click in the button ‘ download ‘ in the page of information of the film or series that want see and more afternoon you can enjoy it without connection to Internet.”

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Between relevant data option it is only available for smartphones and tablets with operating systems iOS and Android – remember to update the application – and it should be noted that not everything on Netflix’s is available for download, for now the priority is for original productions of the site and select content, although they do not rule out future more series and movies can be downloaded to enjoy in your travels outside of home without having to rely on a connection. Ideal for those trips to the field of my grandfather when go to occupy the latrine.

No matter what so long is the way we are going with you.

-Netflix LATAM (@NetflixLAT) November 30, 2016

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