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Netflix offline, what was missing [FW Opinion]

It is difficult to think of negative things about Netflix. The most well-remembered fail of the company perhaps would be one of when tried to separate its services into two different branches, being the streaming one and the delivery of movies in DVD format another, called Qwikster. This move did not prosper and then everything returned to normal, to the Netflix we know since long ago.

That move failed dates back to 2011. Five years later, the steps of Netflix have been one hit after another.

And the last of them, allowing downloads of content for viewing offline almost like that it comes to close the circle. While was launched very recently and no one his recent release has been tested in extensive given the theoretical possibilities that grants are quite spacious. OK, perhaps it’s “I’m going to the field where my grandmother and I get Netflix” is a bit exaggerated, but most everyday situations similar to esaseran common thing between the users of the service. Mainly, travel extensive on metro, in bus, in aircraft or in general in any context where the connectivity to internet is limited.

Here’s an interesting point about what makes Netflix, whereas even though they are not the majority, there are quite a few users that have as common practice looking series and movies on your mobile device; without go more away, the use of the telephone to see video has gone and continues in increase. In Latin America the situation is repeated, even when still many limitations in terms of connections exist mobile network and its coverage. Then, Netflix “fixes” partly this problem with content stored locally.

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One of the most celebrated features of Spotify Premium Mobile is just download songs. It is true that a song that a chapter of the series for reasons of space is not the same, but the model is the same: content stored locally, the user discretion (within its limits). But in the long run, be thinking as vacate the memory space may not be more than a detail that many people will be overlooked because that season of my favorite series finale is worth it. And 48 hours seem to be enough time to see these chapters before they are deleted automatically.

It is true that the catalogue available without internet connection is limited, but it is not unreasonable to think that in the future that will expand. On the other hand, and while hard to find hard data in this regard, it is clear that the existence of Netflix has changed across certain public appreciation “that is difficult to see content legally”; in simpler words, piracy makes time has an alternative legal and inexpensive which attracted many users and can not, have slowed traffic from torrents.

Hacking an original production by Netflix has fairly little sense.

There is usually consensus in applauding the new Netflix offline and not only because he had been asking for quite some time, but also adds another virtue to a quite full of them service. For many people – myself included in them – it is an excellent alternative to fill the phone or the PC movies to weather out of hours of boredom where the internet signal is non-existent or limited. And it is also an example of why Netflix is going – and will continue to going – to the forefront in the world streaming where the options are growing, including TV and cable operators.

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