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New Moto Mod adds load wireless and more to the Moto Z

When talk of innovation, at least in the spectrum close of the word in the field of them cell, it first that is us comes to the mind is the Moto Z and their Moto Mods. Like or not were an attempt to change of paradigm that shook public opinion, with lovers and detractors.

Specifically in the section of the bike Mods, these “modular” accessories that fit in the back of the phone to give you some extra functionality, we think that Lenovo Moto had surrendered in an attempt to do that any more, but no, it is the community, not the companies, with the support of the brand in the delivery of tools, they are making efforts to make massive new modules.

This new prototype adds new features to the team that more than one missed on a high-end computer and priced according to tal, Wireless charging and infrared sensor.

What most draws the attention of the prototype is its thinness. One could think that in stages early of development is would be “monstrosities”, but not, this manufacturer, that is trying to of do your idea reality through a campaign in Indiegogo seems to have particular skill in the design industrial. Its width hardly outperforms the Mod that acts only as a back cover.

The best price: USD $35 just for Wireless charging and USD $45 if you want to add infrared sensor. A small hope of seeing more Mods and a good price for holders of a Z Moto or Moto Z Play, team that won the award for most innovative equipment in our W Awards, chosen by you, our readers.

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