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Pedestrian deaths grow 400% in the U.S. because of the smartphone

It is true that the smarpthones have made our life easier, but have also produced some serious collateral damage. As the fact of reducing the productivity of some, and they also apparently when people die in the streets, more of what used to happen before.

A new research carried out by the US Governors Highway Safety Association in the United States (via Digital Spy) reveals that only during 2016 6,000 cases of pedestrian deaths in the country, were presented which represents an increase of 400% from last year.

But the most alarming thing is that such upward, showing so aggressive in each new period, would have a direct relationship with the use of smartphones among the people who walk down the street without paying attention to the road and drivers:

A more recent factor contributing to the increase in deaths of pedestrians may be the increasing use of smartphones by all users of the road, which can be a major source of distraction for both drivers and pedestrians own.

Under this approach, both people walking down the street, and that which lies behind would be constantly distracted by the use of their smartphones.

Although it is a delicate situation, actually the investigation highlights the intervention of other factors as triggers of this increase of dead.

For example, among all the cases of pedestrian deaths it was discovered that there was presence of alcohol in 35% of passers-by and 15% of drivers.

The obvious recommendation is to pay attention to the road, and go out with the five senses intact.

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