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Pictionary finally comes to smartphones, five years late.

Remember five years ago when Draw Something became the perfect excuse to buy a Smartphone?

It is one of the first and most memorable cases of applications that were incredibly popular for a moment then fade. Therefore now Pictionary comes to its relief, and who knows if you repeat your luck.

With all the official logos and relevant copyright issues, Pictionary is finally available for iOS and Android, with a quite familiar GUI, not just to Draw Something, but also by the popular game Trivia Crack, since this new application has been developed by Mattel in conjunction with the guys from Etermax.


More than forty years have thrown the origianal game, the mobile version of Pictionary has quite a few points in common with Draw Something, although it offers some variants that are relatively different. For example, it’s possible to see what other users are drawing, with a record of each performed sketch, as well as a wider Drawing Tools menu.

Under the three categories of people, animals and places, Pictionary has different levels of difficulty, which offers a slightly more robust spectrum game.

An interesting factor is that the game of holding free, it would be worthwhile to give it a try.

Download Pictionary: Android, iOS. Free.

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