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Pokémon GO over 1,000 million dollars in revenue

One of the successes of the year across all mobile platforms has been Pokémon GO, which has been in a large number of news headlines almost since its launch although in recent months with less intensity. Niantic Developer updates every month the application trying to add new options, characters and others to hold the interest of users in this game, but obviously, the initial hype was passed long ago and income are not the same as in the first months.

Again, we have to talk about Pokémon GO, not for any update, but because the company has just announced that it has reached 1,000 million dollars becoming the application that has succeeded in the shortest time possible, as that also was the first game to reach 500 million $ of income in the shortest possible time.

You if we see you’re figures by separate does not tell us anything. We will try to put it in context of explain with numbers what these numbers represent. According to App Annie, last year the Android and iOS developers obtained 35,000 million dollars in proceeds from the sale of applications and in-app purchase. Niantic has managed in just six months to reach the 1,000 million dollars, excluding any time in China, where the application today is still banned by the Government.

Currently Pokémon GO is entering daily between 1.5 and 2.5 million dollars daily, figure that it contrasts with the 18-20 million million entered the company daily during the first days in which broke the tsunami of Pokemon. During the events that take place on Halloween, events organized by the company got over bending of income with respect to the above-mentioned usual tonic.

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