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Put stickers to your Nintendo Switch can damage your plastic

Another day, another route over the Nintendo Switch, talk about console now, the hybrid between laptop and desktop Nintendo presented a few months ago that went on sale last Friday and was not without controversy, the console of the big N is attracting so many criticism as praise, and it seems that it will reap the same sensations that to the Wii console , either you love it or hate it. On this occasion want to launch a recommendation for all holders of this revolutionary console: don’t put you vinyl or stickers, you could seriously damage your plastic and they are brands.

It is common to want to customize and protect this kind of consoles as given to spoil, even on some occasions users opt to add vinyls or stickers to the most common desktop consoles, it is not rare to see the PlayStation 4 custom until exhaustion, both in control and in the body of the console. However, the first who have bought a Nintendo Switch and wanted to carry out this common practice has been a nasty surprise, console will be irreparably damaged if we use this type of components on it. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you don’t use any kind of sticker on it, the damage would be devastating depending on the images shown.

It has been once again on Reddit , where they have echoed this bug, Nintendo has just been quick to share the console or the Joy-Cons are compatible with stickers vinyl or any other type, so not should stick absolutely nothing on its surface. Users who have realized late of this phenomenon are unfortunately enough, so, if you’re still in time, shuns these stickers, it appears that it is the glue used in them causing abrasions on the surface of the console.

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