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Sailfish OS is the alternative to Android for the Russian Government


The Russian Government has been characterized in recent years by keeping a dangerous obsession with the operating systems commonly used. This obsession is that each and every one of them comes from the United States, whether Windows, Android or iOS. To try to avoid this dependence and be able to know for certain that are not being spied through possible backdoors that have these operating systems, the Russian Government has launched several campaigns to make use of Linux in its different versions. These campaigns are heavily funded by the Government and it seems that they are beginning to bear fruit.

A few weeks ago the Russian Government changed the default application used by the Russian gobierino to communicate via email, leaving aside the Almighty Microsoft Outlook. This pilot test of time is taking place in 6,000 jobs, but if you offer the promised results, gradually will be the only application that use the Russian Government institutions to communicate via email.

To communicate via mobile devices, both Android and iOS are discarded completely, for Sailfish OS, an operating system created by the Jolla company, founded by former employees of Nokia. Sailfish just received certification from the Russian Government as an alternative to Android within institution under the Government of the country.

Sailfish OS will thus be the basis on which will begin to build an operating system open source to customize it according to the needs of Governments, since Russia isn’t the only country interested in maintaining a safe communications of their heads. China, South Africa, India, Brazil are some of them countries that also are planning to move on to the OS Sailfish in the not-too-distant future.

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