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Screen OLED iPhone 8 would become much more expensive to the smartphone

For months has been speculating about the imminent release of an iPhone 8 screen OLED and without physical home button. But that same ambition would be generating some serious problems inside Apple, the conflict of production that would integrate these technologies at a sensible price.

Nikkei Asian Review most recent reports are running the company presented three variants of the iPhone this 2017, where would be the jewel in the Crown a 5.8 inch screen version OLED and without its physical button home, but at the same time it would be extremely costly for the changes involving its functional integration.

The effective area on the screen OLED would be about 5.15 inches, where the remaining would serve as a margin to integrate fingerprint sensor, whose current technology is only compatible with the LCD crystals of previous models, and that will also be present in the cheaper versions of the iPhone for this 2017.

For this reason it is expected iPhone 8 in its most expensive variation could cost more than USD $1,000.

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