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Sony launches its new Xperia XZ Premium in #MWC17

To be honest, Sony has enough left to be desired over last time, however the brand is trying to set aside this label to, perhaps, to make things a little better. In his presentation today at the Mobile World Congress, the Japanese presented several new phones, notably its new top of line, XZ Premium.

Phone comes to update its last version, with improved hardware that is leaving everyone quite happy and calm after all: a 4 K screen 5.5 protected inch Gorilla Glass 5, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM, some inexplicable 19 megapixel rear camera (less than its predecessor, but is still capable of capturing video in slow motion to 960 fps) and 13 megapixel front , 3230 mAh, among other various technical specifications battery.

But still we do not have an estimated value, in addition to having to wait for the second quarter of 2017 to show on the display cabinets, it is causing a certain joy from the fans – and media-Sony, something that was not the case for quite some time already.

Despite the above, and this is the black point of this whole story, the brand has not been able to redesign their models to give a fresh touch, always resorting to the formula of rectangular devices that, at first glance, might seem even somewhat crude. Similarly, the names of new appliances that were presented on the occasion continue being something cryptic at first instance (XA1, XZs, XA1 Ultra, etc), not providing good way to the branding of the company. Hopefully in the future things begin to change for the better, however what we have before us today could be interpreted as a good first sign.

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