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Sony will continue selling smartphones to wait for a “paradigm shift”

No one knows for sure what the future of the smart mobile device market. A few years ago all betting on the Internet of things, the wearable and virtual reality. Now companies like Apple say that augmented reality is the real big change. Meanwhile, Sony is safe that does not know, but wants to be in the game when it happens.

In an interview with the people of the Financial Review, Kaz Hirai, Sony Max director confirmed that, despite complicated sales results, the company not plans to withdraw from the business of selling of smartphones, more than anything not to miss the next great “paradigm shift” to be present in the game when that happens:


A paradigm shift in the way how we communicate each other takes place approximately every 10 years, and if not we are currently in the business then we will not play into the change, or not will be able to help create the next change in the paradigm of communication.

Basically if we throw the towel and lose all the relationships with our retailers and carriers around the world any idea that comes to mind us, we won’t be able to put it on the market fast enough.

In other words, the good Kaz has come to the conclusion that already are too involved to abandon this market, and stop producing smartphone it would bring more negative consequences in the long run because of the loss of its place within the dynamics of the sector that exists today.

Hirai dared not talk specifically about what would be the technology that mark the next big change in the industry, but emphasized his faith on the development of virtual reality platforms. Something Sony has experienced.

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