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Sony Xperia XZ Premium hit the market on May 7

Once completed the MWC, little by little is going revealing the release dates of most terminals that were presented at the fair, along with the price of them, a price that is never revealed to following some kind of unwritten tradition. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium was one of those terminals along with the LG G6 that more called it attention. But not on your screen without edges, or by its continuous design, but that will come to market with the Snapdragon 835, latest company Qualcomm processor, processor which in theory would only be in possession of Samsung for months.

In addition, another innovation that brought us this terminal is fantastic camera that allows us to record videos of up to 960 fps, when the maximum that we can find in the market are 240 fps That if the size of the videos is limited to clips of 10 seconds, but by something begins. Both the price of the new device and the release date, is not revealed during the fair, but several rumors they pointed to that June would be the month selected by the company to put it in circulation, long time since his top rivals to reach the market.

It should take into account that LG G6 will come at the end of this month to the market, Huawei P10 is now accepting reservations and in a few days will reach the market. Samsung, meanwhile, plans to begin sending the first reserves of the S8 and S8 + on April 21. But it seems that Sony is doing everything possible to be able to advance the release date of this terminal, already the new date circulating indicates that on May 7, the new terminal Sony would come to market, a far from submission date, and makes you lose many integers in the career of high-end smartphones.

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