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Still the rumors about an iPhone 8 curved

We had already talked about what rumors about the next iPhone from Apple, which would have a model display OLED without edges, and now reported the Wall Street Journal, it would be curved.

Reports are running that there will be three models of the next iterancia: one in 4.7 inch LCD, one of 5.5 inch LCD and now one of 5.5 inch touchscreen OLED curve on both sides.

According to the WSJ it slogan, Apple has more than ten prototypes currently in testing and that depending on the outcome of these will be what teams see the light next year.

The curved prototypes have had to increase the resolution of your panels, especially on the curved outside area, at the express request of Apple to differentiate themselves from the well-known teams released by Samsung.

If a curved model of iPhone comes to the shelves the big question that remains is if indeed you will be given a real and justified use or if it is a purely aesthetic decision.

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