Friday , May 17 2024
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The S8 Galaxy could reach the market days after their presentation

Most mobile phone manufacturers have craze launched their devices by countries or regions gradually over time, so there is never a way that everyone can enjoy from the first day of the latest model from a manufacturer. The only one that currently launches its new models shortly after its presentation …

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Today marks 7 years from the launch of the iPad

January 9 marked 10 years of the presentation of the first iPhone. He has now had the shift to the birthday of the presentation of the iPad, a device that raised many expectations. The iPad was launched three years after the lanzmianebo of the iPhone and in which was presented …

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Windows 10 Creators Update could be delayed until April

As is about the date of presentation of the new update that will come to Windows 10, called Creators Update, begin to appear new rumors on the date planned for this release. Microsoft announced in the last presentation of products Surface and which could see the fantastic SurfaceStudio AIO, the …

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The Xbox One 2 TB S already is on sale in Spain

As you know, he plays restructuring of next-generation consoles. The first it comes to sales and popularity is unavoidable the PlayStation 4. However, Microsoft has wanted to give a coup with his Xbox One S just prior to be officially launched the PlayStation 4 Neo. From today the Xbox One …

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Sony introduces Driveclub VR for the launch of PlayStation VR

Driveclub is one of them games more popular since its launch for PlayStation 4, in fact, has even with a version special for PlayStation Plus that it returned free during enough months. In another order of things, as you know, on 13 October will be released the PlayStation VR, and …

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