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The following model of OnePlus added Snapdragon 835

At the end of last year the South Korean company Samsung carried out a massive processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, order and little after several companies announced their devices with the previous processor because of the shortage of the latest model of processors of Qualcomm. The case of LG launching the …

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First signs of the successor of the OnePlus 3T

When we talk about OnePlus should do a bit of memory and go back to the beginning. And not say this so that we realize how much they have improved in the Chinese company with its products – that too – but in its infancy many not gave two hard …

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OnePlus will present a new device on 25 August

Click here to view the embedded video. After the success of the launch official to the market of the OnePlus 3, the manufacturer Chinese seems follow decided to conquer new markets and in the last hours has announced, through a video posted in its channel of YouTube, that tomorrow 25 …

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Are the specifications of the OnePlus 3 Mini

Recently we knew that OnePlus had suspended sales to certain countries in its new 3 OnePlus, something that has saddened many users that wanted to buy the terminal, but this waiting may be positive for many already discussed and rumored about the launch of a new terminal, the OnePlus 3 …

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OnePlus 3 Golden reach Europe on 1 August

In the presentation official of the OnePlus 3 that had place makes already some time, knew that this new device mobile would be available in two colors different, gray and Golden, although in a first time only would be available in the first of those two colors. From that day …

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OnePlus 3 supports USB-OTG, but disabled

The controversy follows sifted over OnePlus and its latest model. It is a company that has won the favor and the guarantee by the users, however, they are reaping many unhappy with the last released device. In first place because not advantage or the half of the memory RAM with …

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