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Seagate talks about their new hard drives of 14 to 16 TB

According to recent statements by one of the senior management of Seagate, same company that not so long ago boasted of being able to create the portable hard disk with greater capacity of the planet, apparently his company would be working in the creation of new drives in HDD format, …

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NVIDIA Volta will mean a revolution in video resolution

If today are seriously thinking of upgrading your computer with a new graphics card, and especially if your idea is to bet for a top of the range, it is best that you think about it seriously since the decision, at least today, is much more complicated than you can …

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Meet the new MediaTek helium X and 23 X 27, two high-end chip

MediaTek has just officially presented two new processors coming to position themselves as two of the most powerful and interesting alternatives built by the famous manufacturer improved received which make them more saving in terms of energy consumption and powerful, especially on issues related to video recording. We are talking …

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ATL shows your battery that is full charged in 34 minutes

Amperex Technology Limited, more known by the acronym ATL, is a companies dedicated almost in exclusive to the development and manufacture of batteries. While perhaps by name not too familiar, just let know you that it is one of those responsible for the manufacture of batteries installed in the Samsung …

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Facebook wants to offer its free internet in United States service

Free Basics, released in the year 2014, is the initiative of Mark Zuckerberg of facilitate the access internet of way free in the countries of the world where by problems geographical or economic still not is available. Free Basics is currently available in about thirty countries, countries where this service …

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Sony introduces Driveclub VR for the launch of PlayStation VR

Driveclub is one of them games more popular since its launch for PlayStation 4, in fact, has even with a version special for PlayStation Plus that it returned free during enough months. In another order of things, as you know, on 13 October will be released the PlayStation VR, and …

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