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Thanks to this device patients with profound paralysis they communicate


Before going to speak about this peculiar device, let know you that it has been tested on patients with syndrome of enclosure, a disease that causes that practically all those affected by it have total paralysis which means not only that they can not move, but you can not talk and even can not even blinking, something that could at least help them communicate indicating slight signs to say for example, ‘If‘ or ‘not‘.

With this in mind, work which is carried out in the Centre of Geneva Neuroengineering, where created and developed an interface between the brain of these persons and a system software that is capable of interpreting a series of brain signals that serve as a response to certain stimuli. As detail, let know you that when evaluating this system with four of these patients, three of them said they wanted to continue living.

Niels Birbaumer and his team manage to develop a device capable of making that patients with profound paralysis can return to communicate.

Without a doubt, as for us, that such projects are funded and carried out this all a joy for this type of people who, not tocommunicate with anyone, something that is completely opposed to the nature of the human being, seen as thanks to a simple helmet fitted with sensors, they can start, albeit in a very simple way to communicate and answer the questions of their loved ones.

The author of this project continue developing is neuroscientist Niels Birbaumer that thanks to this peculiar town able to measure changes in electrical waves that produces the brain while monitors blood flow of the same has been achieved that the precision of the same in patients is 70% which, in turn, allows to have some confidence that we are in a system that you can set a much more effective way for these patients is they can communicate.

More information: MIT

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