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Thanks to this technology we are one step to get better batteries in all aspects

John Goodenough

It seems that complicates the researchers and scientists every day a topic forgotten for a long time as it can be to get develop much better batteries that allow us to enjoy greater autonomy in all our electronic items. One of the new steps in this direction has just give the team of researchers led by John Goodenough, co-inventor of the solid state batteries.

As detail, let know you that precisely this person owe their peculiar structure of lithium-ion batteries and now it has been its team of researchers, residents of the Cockrell School of Engineering, who has just published a new paper we speaking of a few experiments with ‘revolutionary’ results within this sector.

John Goodenough, 96-year-old, could return to revolutionize the world of batteries.

As it reviewed the own John Goodenough on the use of current batteries:

Cost, security, energy density, loading and unloading rates and life cycles are critical for cars based on batteries can benefit massively. We believe that our discovery solves many of the problems inherent in today’s batteries.

If we attend to the described in the published article, produced in the laboratory by this equipment batteries, based on solid state electrolyte glass cells, they would use an alkali metal anode. This basically contributes greatly to a battery created following this structure not only would support fast charging that, but also greatly reduce your cost to be manufactured on a large scale.

If we put all this in perspective, this new batteries, according to calculations by the team, would apparently offer a density up to three times higher than conventional batteries, more than 1,200 charge cycles with low resistance to temperatures which range between – 20 ° C and 60 ° C.

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