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The 31 of December Cyanogen will close their doors


After a time in which, supuestamenete, makers of Cyanogen have been seated to decide what to do with the jurisdiction of the company, apparently the result has been the close the company. Of this form, starting from the next 31 of December all the versions of CyanogenMod will leave from have support official.

According to the statement which appears in the official website of Cyanogen Inc:

As part of the process of consolidation underway of Cyanogen, all those services and nightlies builds supported by Cyanogen will be interrupted not more afternoon of the 31 of December of 2016.

It project of code open and code source will continue being available for anyone that wants to develop CyanogenMod personally.

Cyanogen will officially cease to provide official support for CyanogenMod from December 31, 2016.

This ad basically putting manifesto is that from day 1 of the year coming, any improvement or development of modifications performed on Cyanogen will depend entirely from the user community. On the other hand, it is very clear that own that company will also cease to provide support for this operating system so, will be the community which has also that offer it.

Finally comment you that this not means that them responsible of the development of this known and supported system operating abandon their tasks of development, since according to know is focus now in the development of a system operating differential destined to its exploitation commercial. At this point have that talk of Lineage I, name with which is known to this new system operating, same that even already has web official.

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