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The 835 Snapdragon Qualcomm will be exclusive of the Galaxy S8

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

During the celebration of the CES past which was held in Las Vegas earlier this year, Qualcomm officially presented the new processor has been developed in collaboration with Samsung, the Snapdragon 835, a processor that stops at the height of the bitumen to the previous models of the company. Days after his announcement, last November, I published an article which stated that the next Galaxy S8 would be the first smartphone on the market with this processor, rather than it had been in doubt after due to the delay of the launch of the Galaxy S8, scheduled for April 14, since other manufacturers could launch their search logo on the MWC in Barcelona.

But it seems that this movement of exclusivity was correct, because as we can both read in Forbes as in The Verge, the new processor from Qualcomm, 835 Snapdragon will launch exclusive and before any other terminal, the Samsung Galaxy S8, so will force other manufacturers to delay the launch of their devices, or you can use the processor Snapdragon 821 , something that can lead to ruin the plans of some of the companies that had relied on this processor for its flagships like the HTC Ultra, the G6 LG or Nokia 8.

Both LG and HTC, as well as Nokia in its new rebirth, they had relied on to provide a terminal with the latest features by making use of this new processor from Qualcomm, to get the most out of the device. Precisely LG already faced a similar problem a couple of years, with the launch of the LG G4, when Snapdragon 810 showed an over heating problems and no view of solution in the short term at that time.

If Qualcomm is having trouble with some manufacturers who are opting to make use of its own processors, it is very likely that this movement may accelerate the change of supplier of processors from other manufacturers. These manufacturers may decide to make use of the the Exynos of Samsung, the Kirin of Huawei, the MediaTek either processors which is working Xiaomi these last few months.

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