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The Chromebooks Google Pixel with Chrome OS come to an end

Eye that the guys at Mountain View announced yesterday the end of the Chromebooks Google Pixel with Chrome OS, and this news is without a doubt one of the important if we take into account that this has been the first of the products with denomination Pixel in the company. Own signature admits that a new generation of these devices, will not be launched so that we are at the beginning of the end of this range of portable Google Pixel. The end of the Chrome OS support is what puts “the dot on the i” in this case and all the media are really surprised with the news.

When we say that this saga is discontinued does not mean to remove it entirely, you can use a different name for equipment manufactured by other companies, but ultimately, what is surprising is to do so suddenly, that does not give option to continue with the name in other generations but they are manufactured by third-party companies… The end comes really early and just after two generations of equipment with this name, and bridging the gap is something that has to make you “think” users who want or are planning to get one of the new Google Pixel (smartphone) since these could be the same fate in a couple of generations and it is not a good thing to say.

Rick Osterloh, has been commissioned to go public with this news, in the framework of the MWC in Barcelona. In this event, we have seen a handful of innovations and new technologies that are coming, as well as numerous gadgets and news such as this one. Now the Mobile World Congress has ended and he has passed some 108,000 visitors, surpassing the previous year’s figure and hoping that the next is even better.

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