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The DGT already studying in Spain the arrival of the autonomous car

The arrival of the autonomous car is imminent. Already have known that über is practicing in California, while other companies like BlackBerry or Google have permission total for camping by their wide in the capital of Canada. And is that not can put impediments to the advance of the technology by it outdated of the regulation, so as, the address General of traffic in Spain already is working to pave the road to the driving autonomous in Spain. Thus it ratifies the saying: “prevention is better than cure”. Although must have in has that the team of the DGT goes to lose great part of their income with the arrival of the car autonomous (if, speak of the fines).

The Gizmodo team tells us that Spain is one of the countries where the legal integration of the more autonomous cars has grown. However, still remains a lot of work to do, we will not deny, and there are several legal and moral disquisitions which are called into question when it comes to allow that an electronic device is which to drive (and therefore have at their disposal human lives). For this reason, it is important to make a good legislative work in this respect. In the project of the DGT can even find the definition of “Self-employed car” that we discover, Gizmodo :

Autonomous vehicle is anyone who has motor capacity equipped with technology that allows its management or driving without specifying the active form of control or supervision of a driver, so if such autonomous technology enabled or disabled temporarily or permanently.

Autonomous vehicles, their bodybuilders and official laboratories, makers as well as manufacturers or installers of technology allowing the vehicle to full self-government, universities and consortia participating in research projects may request authorization to carry out tests and.

As well as, plays study, work and rethink is the need of the car autonomous. From the legal point of view it is interesting to see how they will adapt the system, especially since these regulations are planned for its entry into force during the year 2017.

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