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The first purchase of 2017 at Amazon took place in El Ejido (Almería)

While in the news we don’t see nothing more than stories talking about first born the year 2017, we are going to focus on what is ours, because we like to us is the technology, gadgets and fun. That seems to be what he liked (and much) this citizen of El Ejido, a municipality located in the province of Almeria, who decided to become the leader of purchases at Amazon during the year 2017, being the first purchaser of the year, and that it could not expect a just second to be sure fun. We imagine the kid didn’t want to rely on Canal Sur for taking grapes and decided to invest the time in reviving the economy.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, this citizen of Almeria, said it made the purchase at 00:00:29 of the first day of the year do the desired object? A steering wheel compatible with the PlayStation 4, because are already only seven days of holiday and this kid wanted to take advantage of them doing what more you like, play to the console (imagine).

But not was the only riser, according to the voice of Almeria, a citizen of Pontevedra is made with nothing less that a puzzle of 5,000 parts called “houses of field” to the 00:00:52, so only thirty seconds after the fast ejidense. And bronze takes him another Andalusian, a Sevillian purchased 2,000 nails from 15 mm to the 00:01:12. Not know what emergency would have at the time of nailing things our fellow Seville, but hope that SEUR is is ported well and you has made delivery this same tomorrow of your package.

For detail is also a Spaniard who bought the classic game of table Superpoly at 23:59:35 on December 31 of last year, for all things will be first and last.

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