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The latest update of Xiaomi blocks thousands of devices

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

The updates of them devices mobile always tends to be the heel of Achilles of the manufacturers. Many of them, once launched terminals, regardless of the price of sale, forget them and only focus on the new models, something that is counterproductive for the manufacturers and that after several years of doing things this way, have seen as they always had the lose, because users were not returning to trust them. Xiaomi don’t usually highlight precisely for this reason, but at least if that bothers to release updates to improve the performance of its terminals.

The Chinese firm, has just released an update via OTA update that is blocking many devices. The update that we are talking about is 6.11.24 build number, and focuses on user interface, loved and hated by many users equally. Xiaomi isn’t the first company that make a mistake of this type, makes a few years, Apple released an update to blocked devices iPhone 5s, lock that made it impossible to make use of the Touch ID as well as prevent make calls. That Yes, the guys at Cupertino quickly eliminated the upgrade of your servers. The only solution that offered the company was to restore the device to a previous version.

The problem with the update of Xiaomi, apparently it has to do with the processes of Android, making jumping a window that prevent us from making use of the terminal. Gives equal to reboot the device thousand times, the solution never we’ll find out there. The only solution is the same as that offered Apple: install the previous version that had the device, a solution which will grace the users since they will lose all the photographs that had not previously stored in the cloud or had extracted them to your hard drive.

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