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The legendary brand of watches Casio, presents its second smartwatch

During these days is is celebrating in them Vegas it consume Electronic Show, more known by all you as the CES, a fair where is presented the main news that will come along this year in the sector of consumption. From news Gadget they inform daily of the most important products that have been submitted so far. Now you has touched the shift talk of the second wearable from Casio. The legendary firm of watches Japanese just of present in the CES, the WSD-F20, a smartwath that integrates the design of the range g-shock and that will be managed by Android Wear 2.0.

The company has released what could consider the renewal of its first smartwatch by adding various functions that not were present in the first model. Casio wanted to stand out a bit from the traditional sector is where intended for this type of wearables, launching a model where the same resistance that is more notable, a resistance that surpasses military standards as resistance to dust, pressure, sand, falls, humidity, rain and seeing shock , to temperature extremes, fluids corrosive…

But in addition to being one of the toughest market smartwatches, Casio also took the opportunity to add a GPS, according to the company’s low consumption and that it works with maps for MapBox, which you can download on the device to be used without having to have at hand the smartphone that is connected. Regard to the screen, us offers two configurations, an of them us allows modify them colors used in the same to save battery and show only the time.

The Casio WSD-F20 hit the market April 21 with Android 2.0, if finally is released during the first quarter of the year, as Google said when it announced its delay. Concerning the price of time still not be knows nothing, but is likely that is a price similar to the first model that launched the company makes a year.

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