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The LG G6 would have loaded wireless and would be resistant to the water

After knew that the next ship logo of LG not would be modular, leaving thus the premise presented with the G5, now us learned of others rumors on the launch of the terminal that comes to save the reputation mobile of LG.

According to Korean sources, given the humid and rainy climate of Japan, as well as other factors demand for water resistant terminals has been increased considerably. Moreover, with the S7 Samsung managed to fall in the Asian market and if Apple said it with its last iterancia, probably to go in conquest of some piece of market of the region. Is by this that the next team of the range G of LG will have certification IP68 facing the water and to the dust.

In addition, it would have fast wireless charging, all in order to dampen criticism of its most faithful audience which will drop him to criticism for not having a removable battery. The body of the equipment will be sealed to offer it resistance to the water.

In other news that is rumored is the implementation of a system of payments to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay style but LG owner.

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