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The Mac that will swell the list of obsolete for Apple in December are…


Los 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro, model of early 2011, 13-inch Mid 2009 MacBook and Mac mini early 2009. Thus of clear it have in Apple to decide them models that is van to be without support official in the Apple Store official or stores authorized.

The useful life of the equipment of Apple can be more or less long-lived as the user and care above all of the support that the manufacturer gives to its products, therefore time new equipment are added to a list of products obsolete for the signature of Cupertino.

Seeing the dates of these teams can say that it is really well while have had life and options for repair shops official despite being out of warranty. Obviously users who have these teams do not have to suffer if their teams operate with normality, since the meaning of “obsolete” for Apple is that spare parts were not available in the official store, but does not mean that if we have a problem we can solve it on a SAT or at our store in confidence.

The information has been filtered by known products of Apple MacRumors website and although for many this may seem the end of life of your equipment, we repeat that it has nothing to do. The list will expand with each passing year and it is true that in it we find models that today are still running smoothly, so you not have to worry if we have one of these Mac.

For those more curious I Let the full list of obsolete devices that appear on the website of Apple and where we have a handful of mobile devices, iPods, peripherals and computers of the firm of Cupertino, who during the coming month will be thickened by the aforementioned Mac at the beginning.

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