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The possible Samsung Galaxy Note 8 video rendering

After everything that happened with the range Note Koreans many think that a next model in this series, would not launch but we are clear that the users who are of Note, are of Note, and have no doubt that the news that Samsung would bet for a new model despite the problems we are sure that it excited them. Now after a while that company already has the products of the range S strongest on the table, the Galaxy S8 and S8 + again, it would be focusing on the new model Note. The rumors speak clearly of a design very similar to the Galaxy S models, and we believe that this will be so, so this video which is not official rendering shows how it would this new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with lines similar to the Galaxy S8.

This is the concept or render of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and we can see something interesting in it, the location of the fingerprint sensor is just below the dual camera back that could add the device, let’s hope that Samsung will take note of this detail:

In addition to fingerprint sensor, dual Chamber or the design of the renewed S-pen, the theme of the display is something that us hits since the current models have large screens one 5.8 and one of 6.2 inches and This Galaxy Note talks about 6.4-inch QHD display, something that may be true, but that would leave the device without that feature so special and distinctive as it was the largest display. Vale, the screen would be according to this somewhat larger than the model render Galaxy S8 +, but the difference in this regard will be minimal. For now we play to continue waiting for the official presentation and the exact details of this phablet.

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