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The S8 Galaxy could have a Pen S

All the widows of the brand-new Galaxy Note 7 could find some peace if this rumor to be true: the S8 Galaxy could include a S Pen (name of the stylus from Samsung)

Not is no secret to this height that them manufacturers of covers is them arranged to obtain units preliminary of them teams to launch is, in the last have had a margin of success quite considerable as to not take them in has.

In this case, and as it can see in the video, these housings corresponding to to the Galaxy S8 include a slot for what to all lights is a S Pen. The most mysterious is that in both cases this space, in the “small” model and which aims to have almost 6 inches of screen.

Anyway everything should be taken with a tablespoon of salt, since these cases seem to have space for the charger, unless Sammy we have prepared a surprise in that regard would imagine decided to eliminate it and choose to fast wireless charging and nothing more?

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