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The S8 Galaxy will have 256 GB maximum storage space


A few days ago we inform you of the possibility that the new flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S8 comes to market with the new processor Snapdragon 835, a developer processor along with Qualcomm and to be manufactured through a process of 10 gauges. But apparently won’t be the only important change, obviously, this terminal, as Samsung would release several models of capacity, among which we would find one with 256 GB of internal storage, the same maximum storage space that currently offer us Apple’s iPhone. This space should add the extra space we can get if finally allow us to add a card micro SD.

If it is finally confirmed this space, along with the available via a microSD card, we could be talking about the first terminal which it would allow us to store in the phone until half terabyte of information, something that we have still not seen in the market today. This year, Apple has released a new series of storage on their terminals, starting with 32 GB, followed by the 128 GB and ending with the maximum available currently which is 256 GB.

Currently the S7 is available in versions of 32 and 64 GB, space which can be extended using microSD cards up to 256 GB, with a total floor space to install or copy virtually any information you need on the day of up to 310 GB.

Without finally Samsung opts to provide 90% of the front as a screen in the S8, it is likely that the option of adding a microSD card disappears, a disappearance that wouldn’t have the grace to the users of this terminal, but logically it cannot be everything and are the engineers who will decide if a slot to add a microSD is feasible or if, on the other hand, this would mean a problem for the device.

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