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The Samsung Galaxy S8 undergoing the first test of strength

We are at a time close to the launch of the new model of Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and S8 + while stocks continue their course. It is important to have all the possible details about the device and those who are not so clear at this time whether or not to buy any of these new Samsung presented on 29 March. As soon we have available is the word of the company, the knowledge of the materials with which it has manufactured device (glass, metal, etc) and now we have available the first video in which a test of fall of the device is made.

Best in this case is directly see the drop in video test and leaving aside possible comments before that, so we’ll see what:

And as a video bonus this same youtuber, TechRax, just priming to blows with other Samsung Galaxy S8. In this case at the beginning if it helps us to see the resistance of the smartphone but then ends with blows as in many of her videos. The previous test with iPhone 7 network that is of the “Hammer” is more important to us:

Once we have seen it we can say that this new Samsung Galaxy S8 is really resistant to a possible fall, that obviously and taking into account the curve of the device is surprising that withstand a fall with one of the corners, but it is totally normal that this be breaking when it has already received a first impact in the corner and then falling flat to the ground. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that despite the front glass being broken, the device continues to operate perfectly.

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