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The Samsung Gear S2 is updated with some of the characteristics of the Gear S3

Samsung Gear S2

Seems that them boys of Samsung want to do well them things and not are starting to leave of give support to them devices more ancient, at least which are managed by its own system operating. At the end of November we inform you of the official launch in Spain last December 1 the new Samsung Gear S3, a terminal that comes to market with new functions and features to replace his younger brother, the S2 Gear. Today the Korean company has released a new update for S2 where added any of the functions which are incorporated natively in the model which has just hit the market.

An of which more called the attention is the possibility of to select them areas that only were available in the S3, something of thank for all those users that are more than tired of them of always. The Crown swivel, an of them features that more called the attention of this model, and with which can navigate by them different options of the terminal, now also us allows respond to calls, disable the alarm… According to towards where the revolve.

Also this update also offers support for writing hand, although logically of the Spanish we can forget since Samsung’s time only it allows with the English, Korean and the Chinese. The function S-Voice also is has revitalized allowing processing actions using our commands of voice, something that is you missed in face to this terminal.


S Health, the application designed to measure our physical activity, is now able to automatically detect the type of exercise we are doing, something that has been fashionable bracelets quantifier and that allows the user to not have to waste time looking for the activity to be performed at that time.

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