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The Surface Phone could mount a Snapdragon 835


A few days ago Satya Nadella confirmed that they were developing a new smartphone with Windows Mobile 10, to not launch until they had not completely ready and that it would be surprised if more than one by its design, power and performance. Of course, no one doubts that I was talking about the expected Surface Phone that would have enormous power and a design very similar to the the device Surface.

The rumors about the new device mobile of them of Redmond continue and in them last hours is has filtering that could mount a processor Snapdragon 835, the same that also could find in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The filtering has been given to know by Nokia Power User , that has successful in more occasions with this type of rumours. According to this average Microsoft would be working in two prototypes of the Surface Phone, which in both cases would ride the same processor, although in one case would have 4 GB and another with 6 GB of RAM.

At the moment and unfortunately have long been talking about Surface Phone, but at the moment there is no reference date for his possible arrival at the market. Initially discussed mid-2016, but seeing that it ends the year it seems we will not see the expected Microsoft Smartphone until 2017. That Yes, hopefully the wait worthwhile and finally see a mobile device with Windows Mobile 10 that can cope with large terminals on the market.

Do you think will get Surface Phone become an important gap in the market when it reaches the market in an official way?.

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